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Caps and Headwear

William Scully Ltd. manufactures quality uniform caps and headdress for Regiments, Police Forces and Fire Departments, both domestic and foreign. We manufacture regulation caps from our large stock of traditional materials, and we maintain the production flexibility to complete bespoke orders to large production-runs. We also specialize in manufacturing civilian uniform headwear for the transportation, hospitality, and security industries.

Military Headdress (D.N.D., Militia Units, Cadets): General Staff Forage Caps, Other Ranks Forage Caps, Service Forage Caps, Guard’s Caps, Ceremonial Helmets, Pill Boxes, Busbies and Bearskins, Torin Caps, Garrison Caps, Wedge Caps, Bush hats, Custom Field Caps, Berets, Highland Headdress (Glengarries, Khaki Tams, Officer Balmorals, and Hornpipes), Winter Fur headwear (Yukons and Chapkas), Royal Canadian Navy Headdress, Royal Canadian Air Force Headdress, Canadian Coast Guard Caps Police Caps and Police Hats (R.C.M.P., Provincial Police, Municipal Police Services, Honour Guards): Police Chief’s Caps, Deputy Police Chief’s Caps, Inspector’s Caps, Superintendent’s Caps, Constable’s Caps, Wide-Brimmed Uniform Hats (mesh and felt), Breezer Caps, Honour Guard Headdress

Fire Department Caps (C.A.F.C., Municipal Fire Departments, Honour Guards): Fire Chief’s Caps, Deputy Fire Chief’s Caps, Platoon Chief’s Caps, Superintendent Caps, Officer Dress Caps, Firefighter Dress Caps, Honour Guard Dress Caps, White Caps, EMS Caps, and a wide range of cap accoutrements including chins straps, cap bands, embroidered peaks, buttons and cap covers

Transportation and Hospitality Civilian Headwear (Airlines, Merchant Navy, Rail, Hotels): Air Captain Caps, Conductor Caps, Rail Service Caps, Merchant Navy Caps, Marine Caps, Security Guard Caps, Hotel Service Caps

Our website displays our recent work and is intended to demonstrate models, starting points, and our manufacturing expertise at large. All products shown can be developed to meet your organization’s exacting needs in pattern and materials.

For international markets, we manufacture uniform caps for Military, Police, and Fire services and work through a network of uniform tailors.

No uniform is complete without headdress, and our staff is available to develop your custom headwear requirements.