Sabre officier de la Cavalerie (1912) (CONFORME AUX RÉGLEMENTS GRC & MDN)

Sabre officier de la Cavalerie (1912) (CONFORME AUX RÉGLEMENTS GRC & MDN)

Épée officer d'Infanterie, 1897 (CONFORME AUX RÉGLEMENTS MDN)

Fourreau en métal et étui de coton inclus.

RCIC Sword and Scabbard, Army Universal and Royal Canadian Infantry Corps Pattern, NSN: 8465-21-103-1104

All swords marked William Scully Ltd. are to full D.N.D. and R.C.M.P. specification (UK/SC/6206 Issue 05, Technical Specification for Ceremonial Swords, Dirks, Sgian Dubh, and Scabbards: patters 25401 and 29173). All blades are hand-forged and tested to the requirements of fighting blades in the 18th and 19th centuries. Blades are flexed out of center 6". When released the blade must spring back into correct alignment before receiving the brass inset proof (star), that denotes correct tempering and balance. (William Scully Ltd. does not supply stainless steel decorative display swords, as stainless steel has a low tensile strength and fractures on impact.)

3.1.1 The blade and tang shall be manufactured in one piece from carbon steel hardened and tempered to within the rang of 400 – 500 HV.

Carbon steel blade: Carbon - 0.5% to 0.6%, Manganese - 0.6% to 0.9%, Silicon - 0.15% to 0.35%, Phosphors - maximum 0.04%, Sulphur - maximum 0.04% The grade of the blade steel is between AISI - 1050 and 1060, with increased amounts of Manganese and Silicone to enhance strength and flexibility. The blades are hardened to between 48 to 52 Rockwell, depending on the thickness, width and use of the individual blade. The hardening and tempering of the carbon steel blade is critical for strength.

All blades are forged from a single billet of carbon steel, hand ground to shape, hardened, tempered, commercially polished to a mirror finish, before they are finally acid-etched with Royal Cypher and the Canadian Shield in the Center of the Dominion Coat of Arms. All hilts are stamped, and all grips are carved wood, wrapped in sharkskin, then wired with gold or silver wire.

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Sword Engraving

The right side is the outward facing side when the sword is held in the carry position. (Please see photo)

The right side of the blade is for engraved crests and any inscription related to the Regiment.

The left side of the blade is for anything personal.

Engraving on metal scabbards is done on the right side.

Sword Engraving
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