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R.C.A.C., "The Aiming Post" 1947, WGS Memorial
"The Aiming Post". This issue is dedicated to the memory of the man, Col. William Gladstone Scully, "In War, A Brave and Gallant Soldier: In Peace, A True and Trusted Friend."
"The Canadian Military Journal", VGS Tribute
"The Canadian Military Journal" pays tribute to the career of Vincent Gladstone Scully.
WSL Canadian Regalia Brochure
William Scully Ltd.'s current product overview. (printable brochure)
William Scully Ltd., A Brief History
A brief history of the firm, William Scully Ltd., written from the Montreal Board of Trade in 1985.
Letter to All Uniform Purchasers
William Scully Ltd. manufactures all uniform equipment for the Canadian rank-identifying uniform.
Article from "The Canadian Antiquer", 1979
"The Emperor's Clothier", Article regarding William Scully Ltd.'s influence in Canada. (August 1979 issue)
WSL Medal Mounting Service Brochure
William Scully Ltd., mounting medals and awards since 1877. (printable brochure)
The Official Canadian Medal Sequence
Canadian Forces Sequence for Wearing Ribbons of Order.
"The Sentinel" 1973, article regarding WSL
"The Sentinel" article by Captain H. Lacombe (March 1973) describing William Scully Ltd., its history, and its contribution to the Canadian Forces and the RCMP.
Scully's purchases J.R. Gaunt Canada
William Scully Ltd. purchases J.R. Gaunt (Canada) public announcement.
No Royal Warrants for Canadian Firms
Had this ancient and continuing practice a place in Canada, a certain holder would be William Scully Ltd., a fourth generation family firm, occupied in the production of uniform regalia and accoutrement.
WSL, Serving the Services since 1877
A brief history of William Scully, the man.
The Canadian Military Gazette, August 1908
The Canadian Department of Militia and Defence tour and review the then new William Scully Ltd. factory.
WSL Railway Crew Caps Brochure
William Scully Ltd., the current and original manufacturer of Canada's Railway Crew Caps. (printable brochure)
William Scully Ltd. Product Listing
Wares and services description.
Canadian Decoration Protocol
The Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals.
CF Honours and Awards
The Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals.
Canadian National Anthem
Audio file.
God Save the Queen
Audio file.
Amazing Grace
Audio file.
Churchill Never Surrender
Audio file.
Winston Churchill Announces Nazi Surrender
Audio file.
List of War Songs Related to Canada
A list of songs from World War I, World War II and current day that relate to themes of war and Canada.