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Craftsmanship of William Scully Ltd., Regimental Outfitter

Since 1877, William Scully Ltd. has supplied the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as regiments, police forces, fire departments and first responders across the country. The below is a nonexhaustive list of items we manufacture and/or distribute.

Sewn items: Uniform headwear, rank items, dress belts, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, woven badges
Hardware items: Metal enamelled badges, crested uniform buttons, rank insignia, uniform accoutrements and accessories
Medal Mounting: Court mounting of medals, undress service bars, miniature medals, polishing and replating


Products: Custom leather belt accessories namely: Belt Badge Holders, Belt Keepers, Badge Holders, Leather Badge Wallets, Leather Flashlight Holder, Closed Leather Handcuff Case, open Leather Handcuff Case, Leather Key Holder Protector, Leather Key Hloder without Protector, Leather Latex Gloves Holder, Leather Notepad and Refill, Leather Microphone Holder, Leather Mini Flashlight Holder, Leather Flashlight Holder, Standard Leather Badge Holder, Leather holsters. (2) Custom leather uniform goods namely: leather sword knots, leather duty belts, leather garrison belts, leather sword belts, custom leather caps, leather flag holders, leather chinstraps, leather gauntlets, leather uniform gloves (lined and unlined), leather dress boots, leather Wellington boots, Leather parade boots, leather badge wallets, leather badge cases. (3) High-visibility garments namely: high visibility traffic vests, high visibility jackets, custom high visibility beadwear, high visibility ball caps, high visibility gauntlets, high visibility cap bands, high visibility uniform iron-ons. (4) Uniform Caps, Accoutrements, Regalia, Badges, metal Crests, Hand Embroidered Crests, Machine embroidered Crests, Insignia, Yukon and Muskrat Fur Caps, Hand Cuffs, badge Wallets, Enameled Lapel Pins, Lanyards, Ties, Flags, Aiguillettes, Arm Bands, Medal Bars, Leather and Nylon Belts Custom Leather Uniform Goods. Arm Bands, Medal Bars, Leather and Nylon Belts, custom Leather Belt accessories, High Visibility Traffic Garments, Buckles, Buttons, Bullet Cases, Rank Chevrons, Nylon Coats and Parkas, Crowns, Traffic Cuffs, Retirement Plaques, Gauntlets, Gloves, Embroidered Peaks, Holsters, Stamped Lapel Pins, Medals and Decorations, Night Sticks, Raincoats, Shoulder Boards, Ties (Police and Fire), Traffic Vests, Whistles, Chains, Billie Clubs, Sam Brown Belts, Ceremonial Belts, Blazer Crests, White Nylon Stretch Gloves, Rubber Stretch Uniform Cap Covers, Shoulder Flashes, Gorget Patches, Ribbon, Flashlights, Wedges, Berets, Balmorals, Gold and Silver Metallic Braid, Collar Dogs, Swords, Cap Badges, Tie Bars and Cuff Links, Bear Skin Caps, Busby and Bags, Trouser Weights, Regimental watch Straps, Scottish Cap Plumes, Seaman’s, Glengarries, Aiguilettes, Arm badges, armbands, Awards badges, Awards decorations, Awards pins, awards plaques, Badge wallet cases leather, Machine embroidered Badges, Metal Badges, Enameled Badges, Hand embroidered Badges, Balmorals, Band accoutrements, Bars metal, Bayonet frogs plastic white, White leather Bayonet Frogs, Bayonet tips, bearskin caps, Belts leather and Sam Browne, Belts plastic waist, Belts Regimental Colour carrying, Belts webbing waist, Berets all types, Blackjacks leather, rubber, police, Blazer crest hand embroidered, gold, silver, Boatswain pipe whistles, Metallic Braids, Belt Buckles, Bugle cords, Bullet holsters, Busby bags, Busby cords, Busby plumes, Button rings, Buttons clips, Buttons uniform, crested insignia, Cap badges, Caps covers, swen headwear, Cap straps, Carrying belts Regimental, Cases for handcuffs, Cases for medals, Cases for revolvers, Ceremonial belts, Chain mail, Chains, Chain chin bearskin, busby helmet, Chains for whistles, Chevrons gold, Chevrons silver, Chevrons machine embroidered, Chin straps, Bearskin caps, Citation badges, Citation cords, Clasps, Clip retainer holders, Clubs, Collar dogs (badges), Collar white plastic, Colours Regimental and Squadron, Cords, Crests hand embroidered, Crest machine embroidered, Pips and Crowns, crowns all types embroidered, Crowns metal, Cuff links, Cuffs white linen, Cumberbunds, Embroidered peaks, Enamel lapel pins, computer, name plates, badges, plastic and metal, Epaulettes slip-ons, all kinds, Expanding cap straps, firarm cleaning kit, Firearm holsters, Flag carrier leather, Flag cases, flag cords all types, Flag pole mounts, Flag poles hand type, Flashlights, Fringe all types, Garter flashes, Gauntlets leather, black and white, Glengarries all types, Gloves black winter, Gloves white nylon, with and without snaps, Gold and silver metallic braids, Gold and silver metallic threads, Gorget patches, Hackles, half balls for pillboxes, Hand embroidered crests, Hand embroidered crests, Handcuffs, Hats, Uniform Headwear, High visibility garments, Holsters for handcuffs, Holsters for revolvers, Hooks for uniforms, Embroidered insignia, Metal Insignia, Jack spur straps, Jack spurs, Metal keepers, Plastic Keepers, Knots for swords, Laces, Lanyards, Linings special short lengths, Marble plaques, Medal bars, Medallions, Medals awards decorations, miniature medals, Metal crests, Mitts leather black, Mitts orange traffic, computer engraved Name plates in metal and plastic, Nignt sticks, Nylon belts, Nylon Coast and Parkas, Nylon special short lengths, Ornamants headwear ventilators, Ornaments headwear, spike and base, pace sticks, wood brass trip, Pill box hats, Plaques regimental, retirement, awards, Plastic buttons, Plumes feather, Plumes horsehair, Puttees, Queen’s Colours, Rain coats, Metal Rank badges, Embroidered Rank badges, Regimental cases, Regimental Colours, Revolver cases, Revolver cords, Revolver holsters leather, ribbon bars, Ribbons for medal awards, decorations, rubber clubs, Sam Browne belts, Waist Sashes, Shoulder Shashes, Officiers Sashes, NCO Sashes, Regimental Scarves, Scottish Highland Accoutrements, Scottish cap plumes, Seaman caps, service awards pins, Shakos, Shoulder badges, Shoulder boards and cords, Shoulder flashes, Shoulder sleeve attachments, Shoulder straps, Sleevelets, high visibility traffic, Slip-ons, Socks, Sporrans, Spur boxes, spurs, Squadron colours, Stable belts, swagger sticks, sword belts, Sword knots, Sword scabbards, Swords, Tie bars, Ties regimental, Traffic cuffs, Trousers weights, Traffic Vests, Regimental Watch straps, wellington boots, Whistle cords, Whistles ball, Metal Whistles, Plastic Whistles, metal Wings, Embroidered Wings, Wooden canes, Wooden plaques, Wooden sticks, Yukons muskrat fur or imitation. Services: Medal mounting service, badge design and manufacture service, uniform accoutrement design and manufacture service, badge design, manufacture, and repair service, engraving services, electroplating service, headwear design and manufacture service, replating services, polishing services, Badge repairs all kinds.