Experience has shown the important role the use of proper dress accoutrements play in the success of command.

We have, as manufacturing wholesalers, supplied the Government and Units across Canada for over 140 years. William Scully Ltd. supplied equipment for troops going to the Boer War, and, to date, we have made and supplied a wider range of uniform dress items than any firm in the Commonwealth.

All of our prices are the minimum that properly made goods are to be secured at, and each item maintains the quality of our long experience in producing goods of a military nature. Please do not hesitate to call, fax, or email us for pricing information.

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NOTICE REGARDING CANADIAN DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: The badges, crests and insignia of the Canadian Forces are copyright and/or trademark protected. In accordance with Chapter 7, paragraph 58 of CFP A-AD-200-000/AG-000 "The Heritage Structure of the Canadian Forces" only a Commanding Officer may authorize reproduction of the formation or unit's official badge. Additionally, under the authority of Canadian Forces Administrative Order 27-8 a Branch, Regimental or Group Fund may establish a kit shop to offer specialized merchandise to the Branch, Regiment or Fund. Therefore, unless an order is accompanied by a signed letter fromm a unit Commanding Officer or a member of the senior executive of a Branch, Regimental or Fund (or their respective delegated authorities) it will not be processed.