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Identification Badges

William Scully Ltd. is Canada's leading manufacturer and supplier of identification badges and insignia for Police Forces, Fire Departments, and Emergency Response Services. Our products are world-class and are designed to exacting standards. We carry stock designs and do custom work.

Our badges are relief die-stamped, computer-engraved, and hard (vitreous) enamelled. We also offer a badge repair and electroplating service.

Available attachments for identification badges include: clip, brooch pin, screw posts, or Velcro.

Our design department is at your service. Please contact us for a free estimate, furnishing us with your maximum quantity, lettering and design of crest.

William Scully Ltd. is a trusted supplier and our premises are secure. Badge manufacturing and repair is done exclusively on our premises. Restricted sale. Identification is required. Impersonating an officer is a felony.