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Sword Refurbishment

William Scully Ltd. provides a traditional sword refurbishment services on contract to The Canadian Forces, Royal Military College, military museums, and individuals. We only provide this service for Commonwealth military swords.

Our service includes a review and consultation, disassembly, grip replacement or re-dying, commercial polish and plating, scabbard re-lining, scabbard internal rust preventative treatment, scabbard dent removal, leather scabbard repair, re-wiring of grip and re-assembly.

Quotations are provided upon sword review. Each refurbishment project has unique requirements, and every sword must be reviewed, by photo or in-hand. Please ship swords by registered mail with tracking or via courier.

Sword Handling Care:
Avoid handling blade with bare hands
A wet sword, or a sword used to cut a cake, must be thoroughly cleaned and dried, then stored with applied WD-40 ™ or Vaseline™ applied immediately
Do not store in damp conditions
Store with the throat open
Keep blade clean with WD-40™

Please contact us by email, phone, or visit our showroom to begin the consultation process.

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