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Uniform Buttons

William Scully Ltd. was the first manufacturer of crested military buttons in Canada. Today, our authentic buttons complete the distinguished rank-identifying uniforms that will become tomorrow’s heraldry.

Crested tunic buttons, developed from this military offering and manufacturing expertise, are available in a variety of finishes and materials – suitable for domestic and international Police, Fire, First-responder, Transport and Hospitality uniforms.

Our buttons are recognized for their clarity of detail and quality finish, and they are designed to withstand the rigors of daily uniform wear. This reputation for detail, quality finish, and longevity has established this firm as the premier source for custom and standard uniform buttons.

We manufacture every type of metal button: military buttons, police buttons, fire department buttons, Federal and Provincial agency buttons, municipal buttons; railroad, bus and airline buttons, school uniform buttons, and security company buttons.

Button sizing (see our button sizing chart): 20 Ligne (12.50 mm), 22 Ligne (14 mm), 24 Ligne (15 mm), 26 Ligne (16.5 mm), 30 Ligne (19 mm), 36 Ligne (22.5 mm), 40 Ligne (25 mm). 

Finished buttons, of regulation or custom design, complete the uniform.

Please contact us by email or phone, and our qualified staff will guide you through your button design and purchase.

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