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News From Canadian Army
  1. Communication established with North Pole thanks to 37th Operation RADIO SANTA

    06.12.2018 09:12

    Winnipeg, Manitoba — Operation RADIO SANTA is certainly a no-fail mission for members of 38 Canadian Brigade Group (38 CBG) as soldiers visit hundreds of excited elementary school children in...

  2. Canadian Army assisted with Halifax Explosion disaster relief 101 years ago

    06.12.2018 04:12

    Halifax, Nova Scotia — It’s been 101 years since thousands of Canadian soldiers, other military personnel and civilians rushed to save the city and its people.

  3. Members from 3rd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment prepare for jungle warfare

    05.12.2018 03:12

    Valcartier, Quebec — The national mandate of B Company, 3rd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment (3 R22eR) is to prepare elite combatants to carry out complex missions in the jungle. These missions...

  4. New grenade range opens at Valcartier base

    29.11.2018 09:11

    Valcartier, Quebec — An exploding grenade can propel deadly steel fragments nearly 300 metres. Thanks to the new Athena range, officially opened in September 2018, soldiers at 2nd Canadian...

  5. Commandant of Royal Military College St-Jean: Millennials a great fit for the Canadian Armed Forces

    27.11.2018 02:11

    Saint-Jean, Quebec — Millennials are perceived as different from previous generations, particularly regarding their relationship with technology and their world view. However, Colonel Gervais...

  6. Blood donation reminds soldiers of the Afghanistan “walking blood bank”

    25.11.2018 17:11

    Winnipeg, Manitoba — For Lieutenant-Colonel Dave Koltun, rolling up his sleeve to donate blood is a way to continue to honour the commitment he made when he became a member of the Canadian Armed...

  7. A memorial dedicated to Canada’s four-legged or feathered combatants

    22.11.2018 08:11

    Ottawa, Ontario — There is a special memorial in Canada’s capital that is located a few blocks down Elgin Street from the National War Memorial.

  8. Reporter tries out a protective bomb suit during joint military-RCMP explosives training

    20.11.2018 05:11

    Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta — Teamwork is crucial to both military and police work, including when training in explosives disposal, something that I, the author of this report, can describe...

  9. Army Reserve’s Full-Time Summer Employment Program increases opportunities at 38 Canadian Brigade Group

    16.11.2018 04:11

    Winnipeg, Manitoba — The newly launched Canadian Army Reserve Full-Time Summer Employment (FTSE) program, which rolled out over the summer of 2018,   has more than met the goal of attracting new...

  10. Junior Canadian Rangers – 20 years of history

    13.11.2018 05:11

    Ottawa, Ontario — Twenty years ago, 10 teenagers from Paulatuk, a remote community in the Inuvik region of the Northwest Territories, blazed a trail as the first participants in a two-year trial...