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News From Canadian Army
  1. First-generation Canadian proud to represent the red and white

    16.05.2018 09:05

    Thunder Bay, Ontario — For Thunder Bay Army Reservist Sergeant John Ta, wearing the maple leaf on his left arm is a reminder of the freedom and privileges that he enjoys daily in Canada.

  2. Regimental Sergeant-Major enjoys rare Mother’s Day at ‘home’ with 40,000 strangers

    14.05.2018 12:05

    Hamilton, Ontario — Her steadfast commitment to the Army Reserve has often complicated traditional family events, and this is one of the first Mother’s Days that Chief Warrant Officer Tracy-Ann...

  3. From maternity leave to combat – mother in Canadian Army learns resilience

    14.05.2018 04:05

    Gagetown, New Brunswick — Sergeant Marie-Eve Martin successfully balances her role as a Gunner in the Canadian Army with the role of motherhood, although not without occasional heart-ache.

  4. Military musician embraces her soldier skills during Operation NUNALIVUT

    09.05.2018 08:05

    Winnipeg, Manitoba – Regardless of the military trade they choose, everyone who joins the Canadian Army (CA) is a soldier first.

  5. Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Army aims to be ‘a good ambassador’

    07.05.2018 11:05

    Ottawa, Ontario — The Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Army says cultivating diversity will be one of his top priorities as he settles in to the role.

  6. Reservists wanted to ‘fill in the gaps’ at Gagetown

    27.04.2018 10:04

    Oromocto, New Brunswick — Canadian Army (CA) Reserve Force members may only serve part-time, but officers from one of the Army’s busiest centres say their help is both very much needed and...

  7. Canadian Rangers use "ihuma" to help train Arctic Operations Advisors

    25.04.2018 06:04

    Resolute Bay, Nunavut — Military operations and exercises in any environment have an inherent element of danger, but when the most northern areas of Canada are the staging grounds, the risks are...

  8. Joined at 40, Supply Technician likes mix of stability and excitement

    23.04.2018 07:04

    Ottawa, Ontario — Got all your gear, fuel and rations? Thank your Supply Technician.

  9. Medium Range Radar: a portable, powerful addition to the Canadian Army toolbox

    19.04.2018 10:04

    Ottawa, Ontario — Recent military operations in places like Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that smaller – even improvised – weapons are both difficult to detect and deadly.

  10. Earth Day: Wainwright’s heritage bison herd inspires Second Annual Bison Run

    18.04.2018 11:04

    Wainwright, Alberta — You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd, according to the questionable wisdom of the late Texas country singer Roger Miller, but you could support Earth Day by running in...