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News From Canadian Army
  1. A successful deployment so far for Honorary Corporal Juno

    22.03.2018 09:03

    Winnipeg, Manitoba – It has been a full year since Honorary Corporal Juno, the Canadian Army’s adopted polar bear and live mascot, arrived at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba to...

  2. She listened to her ‘Madda,’ enjoyed 20 years in the Army and 17 as a Defence civilian employee

    21.03.2018 08:03

    Ottawa, Ontario — Even Corporal (Retired) Hyacinth Telfer has to admit that her “Madda” did know best after all.

  3. You could be a part of the Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill

    15.03.2018 11:03

    Ottawa, Ontario — If you have ever visited Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa on a summer day, you may have seen the men and women of the Ceremonial Guard (CG) in scarlet uniforms with towering...

  4. Armoured reconnaissance commanding officer blazes new trail for women

    08.03.2018 04:03

    Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan — “First In – Last Out.” No one holds the first part of the motto of armoured reconnaissance squadrons truer than Major Gillian Dulle, Commander of the Saskatchewan...

  5. Army cook takes an ocean dip with Logistic Branch’s 50th anniversary flag

    07.03.2018 07:03

    Comox, British Columbia — A Canadian Army cook stationed at 19 Wing Comox has made history by being the first to dive to a depth of nearly 60 feet, or about 18 metres below sea level, with the...

  6. Military Police red only defining colour for Canadian Armed Forces Reservist

    02.03.2018 04:03

    Winnipeg, Manitoba — Her mother's words, “embrace what makes you different,” have kept Corporal Peggy Harris motivated to seek new challenges during her nearly two-decade career with the...

  7. Military leaders must listen to cultivate innovation: Brigadier-General Jennie Carignan

    01.03.2018 06:03

    Ottawa, Ontario — The Canadian Army (CA)’s Chief of Staff for Operations, Brigadier-General M.A.J. (Jennie) Carignan, says senior officers must always be open to ideas from the ranks in order to...

  8. Army Reservist handles flood, fire, ice, university, sports, overseas deployment, polar bears and violin lessons

    26.02.2018 06:02

    Winnipeg, Manitoba — Since Captain Ward Lentz became a Canadian Army (CA) Reservist in 2007, he has battled fire and flood, marvelled at the Northern Lights in the icy North, served as a Reserve...

  9. Canadian of British-Jamaican origin becomes first military woman in family

    20.02.2018 09:02

    Toronto, Ontario — My name is Sophia Louise Miller; I was born on February 29, 1968 to Sylvia Miller (nee Campbell) and Uton Miller.

  10. One of the first Black Canadian women soldiers tells her story

    16.02.2018 11:02

    Halifax, Nova Scotia — “You couldn’t get a job in a store or anywhere if you were Black, so we joined the Reserves,” said Corporal (Retired) Marelene Clyke.