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  1. Latvian troops say ‘thank you’ at Army Run

    18.09.2018 06:09

    Ottawa, Ontario — At the time of the 2017 Canada Army Run (CAR), 455 Canadian troops were deployed to Camp Ādaži, Latvia as part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup (eFPB)

  2. Army Reserve soldier, 53, masters armoured vehicle before two-wheeler

    17.09.2018 10:09

    Oromocto, New Brunswick — At 53 years old, I’m doing something that might have sounded strange when I first immigrated to Canada in 2002 from Cienfuegos, Cuba: I’m on an Armoured Reconnaissance...

  3. ‘It took you by the throat’: Remembering Medak Pocket in the Former Yugoslavia

    14.09.2018 06:09

    Shilo, Manitoba — Members of 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (2 PPCLI) celebrated the 25th anniversary of an intense but little-known battle in the former Yugoslavia.

  4. A summer of success – Full-time Army Reserve employment program attracts more job-seekers than projected

    13.09.2018 09:09

    The summer of 2018 featured the inaugural run of the Canadian Army’s Full-time Summer Employment (FTSE) Program. Open to Reservists in their first four years of service, the program offered...

  5. Gagetown to host 2018 Canadian International Sniper Concentration

    11.09.2018 08:09

    Oromocto, New Brunswick — Staff at the Canadian Army (CA)’s Combat Training Centre (CTC) are preparing to host an upcoming sniper competition, and one organizer says the event is always a great...

  6. Fish Friends 2018 goes swimmingly

    06.09.2018 20:09

    Oromocto, New Brunswick — For some elementary school students in New Brunswick, the life cycle of the salmon is the starting point of a larger lesson in ecology that ends at 5th Canadian...

  7. Joined at 40, Corporal Scott Sargent proves his mettle to younger generation

    05.09.2018 10:09

    Calgary, Alberta — Military service is something many of us would put near the top of any list of things best-suited to the young, but one Canadian Army Reservist shows that age is less relevant...

  8. Sergeant Rondon Jacobs visits old stomping grounds, tells youth to aim high

    30.08.2018 05:08

    Ottawa, Ontario — Sergeant Rondon Jacobs recently joined the Regular Force of the Canadian Army (CA) and is posted to Ottawa after spending 10 years in the Army Reserve (ARes). He has deployed...

  9. Explore careers on September 29, 2018 at Canada-wide Army Reserve Open House and Job Fair

    30.08.2018 04:08

    Ottawa, Ontario — Have you ever considered challenging yourself and becoming an integral part of the Army’s mission by serving part-time as a Reservist? Saturday, September 29, 2018 is a perfect...

  10. Exercise PRECISE RESPONSE shows Canada’s unique CBRN training capability

    27.08.2018 20:08

    Suffield, Alberta — Canada has hosted another successful chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) training exercise for our NATO allies that participants say provided a unique...