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Canadian Military Heritage Museum
Directorate History and Heritage
Veteran Affairs Canada
54th Kootenay Battalion
Musee de la Defense Aerienne
Air Force Association of Canada
The Blackwatch
The Book of Rememberance
Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth
Camp X
Canadian Military and Veterans Master Resource Guide
From Colony to Country
Canadian Air Aces and Heroes
The Canadian Military Heritage Project
Canadian Veterans Recollect
Courage Remembered
Royal Canadian Navy
Soldier 214384, France and Flanders
The Canadian Military and Veteran
Billy Bishop Heritage Museum
The Chinese Canadian Military Museum
Canadian Museum of Flight
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum
The Fort Garry Horse
HMCS Haida Historic Naval Ship
Guelph Museum
Musem of the Regiments
The Naval Museum of Alberta
The Naval Museum of Manitoba
The Organization of Military Museums of Canada
The Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum
The Royal Canadian Air Force Memorial Museum
The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum
The Swords and Ploughshares Museum
Veterans Affairs Canada
Canada's Book of Rememberance
Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Canadian Virtual War Memorial (Newfoundland)
The Canadian War Museum
The Canadian Military Heritage Project
Commonwealth War Graves Commision - With Searchable Database
The Royal Canadian Legion
Veterans Affairs of Canada History Index Page
Veterans Affairs of Canada War Memorials Index Page
Victoria Cross Canada's Recipients
"We Will Remember" - War Monument in Canada
Photos from Harry Palmer Canadian War Cemeteries and Memorials in Europe
Canada's Unknown Soldier Returns Home, May 2000
Canadian Naval History on the West Coast
Canadian Wae Poster Collection McGill University Libraries
Canadian Forces Museums
Directorate of Heritage and History Web Sites
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For King and Country
Aces of Canada from the Aerodome
Out of the Crucible of War
The Red Poppy and John McCrae's Poem
The First Canadian Division
A Canadian's Visit to Vimy Ridge and Battlefields of WWI
Images of Essex Farm at the Unfortunate Region Website
Jack Turner's War
Native Canadians in the Great War
WWI Internment Camps Banff National Park
The Second Battle of Ypres
The Second Battle of Ypres - Battle Studies
Facts About the Second Battle of Ypres
22 April, 1915 : The Use of Poison Gas
First Gas Attacks on the Western Front from Distant Thunder
William Roberts Painting: The First German Gas Attack at Ypres
Newfoundland at the Somme
Veterans Affairs of Canada: The First World War
The Third Battle of Ypres
Battle of the Ypres Salient
Charles Fair's Battlefield Guide from Hellfire Cornerà
The Great War 1914 - 1918
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Veterans Affairs of Canada: The Second World
The Battle of Britain From the Imperial War Museum
The Battle of Britain - 1940 Historical Society
RAF Battle of Britain Site
Canadian Pilots That Served in the Battle of Britain
Canadian in the Battle of Britain
The Battle of the Atlantic
Canada's Air Force in the Battle of the Atlantic
The Raid on Dieppe, August 19, 1942
Naval Staff History Dieppe
Juno Beach Centre
The Canadian Battle of Normandy Foundation
The Navy in the Korean War
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Canadian Police College
Canadian Police Association
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canadian Police Research Centre
Canadian Police Information Centre
Canadian Police Agencies
Canadian Police Link
Canadian Police Mounts
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Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs
CIFFC Informationstation
Canadian Fire Safety Assiciation
Canadian Fire Alarm Association
Canadian Fire Fighters Museum
Candian Fire Departments
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