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William Scully Ltd. has been mounting orders, decorations, and medals continuously since 1877. Our experience ensures that you receive the highest possible quality and accuracy for your medal set. We stock an exceptionally wide selection of miniature medals, new service ribbons, replica medals, and medal mounting hardware. Your medals are court or swing-mounted on brooch or push pins using the finest regulation ribbon. Upon request, medals can be cleaned, polished and lacquered, or plated. Our medal mounting service is available to you regardless of your location in Canada or around the world. Please send them to us via Xpresspost™ or by registered mail. We will return them to you in the same manner. When indicating quantity please specify the number of medals in the set. Pricing listed is per medal.
Miniature Medal Mounting: Medal and court mounting services, undress ribbon bars and mess kit miniature medals supplied and serviced across Canada since 1877. Established supplier of regulation medal services and the largest selection of medals, insignia and campaign ribbon in Canada. CAF and RCMP medal mounting services procured by William Scully Ltd. are eligible for reimbursement.
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Product Availability Your medals are returned to you generally within ten days of receipt at William Scully Ltd.
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Miniatures are smaller replicas of insignia worn on a narrow miniature ribbon for evening functions in place of full-size chest insignia. If more than one miniature is worn, they can be mounted on a medal bar in accordance with the established Order of Precedence. Women with only one miniature may wear it mounted on a miniature bow made from the appropriate ribbon. The miniature bar must include all the miniatures an individual is entitled to wear, including the miniatures of all neck badges or breast stars. The miniature bar is worn in addition to one full-size neck badge (suspended from a miniature ribbon) and a breast star where applicable.

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