Custom Products by WSL
William Scully Ltd. has successfully designed and developed thousands of custom metal insignia for our customers.

Our original design work established many of the symbols of Canada and her Defence Forces. Since 1877, we have helped define the look of Canada's Military and Public Services.

William Scully Ltd. welcomes your queries. Kindly use your official letterhead, stating your name and title clearly for our reply. Supply as much information as possible on the kind of product you are interested in and your best quantity, as quantity affects price. If you do not have an actual sample, send a sketch indicating with side notes size, lettering and design of crest, colours of enamel, and finish (for example, gold or silver electroplating). Knowing your proposed use of the goods will also assist us. We will reply with specific data. We encourage you to contact us by phone, fax, or email.


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Custom Enamel Work II

Custom Enamel Work III

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